For every bottle of FREY purchased, the clothing of someone in need, from the homeless to low-income families, is washed.

So, know that in choosing FREY, not only are you treating yourself, your clothing, and the environment better, you are making a direct, positive impact on the lives of others. 

How It Works

Step 1: Shop

It all begins with you. Simply shop at FREY, and know that you are making an impact.

Step 2: We Donate

We tally the number of bottles sold and make a donation to our non-profit partners to cover the cost of washing that many loads of laundry.

Step 3: We Wash

Relax and enjoy:
Regular shipments, straight to your door, so you can worry about more important things.

Why Washing Clothes?

The Laundry Project assists low-income families with meeting a basic need – washing clothes and linens, by turning laundromats into community centers of hope. Laundry fees are paid for while volunteers assist with laundry services, entertain children, and create a caring space at the laundromat.

As explained by Laundry Love, a partner organization with our non-profit partner Laundry Project, “the initiative consists of regular opportunities to help people who are struggling financially by assisting them with doing their laundry. For those living below the poverty line, washing clothes presents both a logistical problem and a financial hardship. Laundry Love partners with local laundromats in cleaning the clothes of those living in shelters, motels, cars, garages and on the streets.”

Choosing between clean clothing and money directed towards medicine, gas, food, or school is a near impossible choice. Clean clothing is much more than just necessary for comfort and proper sanitation, but to be treated with respect by others, to be able to interview at even the most basic of job opportunities, and to live a happy life.

Laundry Love and Laundry Project to date have washed an estimated 1,000,000 loads of laundry done, and cared for over 750,000 people.