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The Classic Package

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The Classic Package: The perfect pairing between The Detergent and the Dryer Sheets. Our premium, concentrated detergent blended with natural surfactants and coupled with our fragrant, static-reducing dryer sheets, all mixed with our natural fragrance and designed to keep your favorite garments looking and smelling better, longer.

28 concentrated loads in a compact, easy-to-use, 16oz bottle + 40 superior dryer sheets. High-efficiency/HE compatible, cold-water capable.

Formulated to treat your favorite clothing looking better, better longer. Favorite shirt, consider yourself saved.

Boasting an all-natural fragrance inspired by world-renowned fragrances and comprised of over a dozen individual ingredients.

Blended with biodegradable, natural ingredients and a concentrated formula to minimize waste. WITHOUT sulfates, paragons, synthetic dyes, or animal testing.

For every purchase, someone in need is helped through our Wash for Wash program, as part of the 10% of profits we give back. Proud to be a Certified B Corporation.


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Or, feel free to check out our Full Wash, which includes a Fabric Conditioner!
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better for
your clothing


safer for the

helping others:
wash for wash


easy to store
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easy to measure

straight to you,
no store runs

From top to bottom, we created FREY with you as the focus.

Striving for the highest quality ingredients and minimalistic elegance, FREY brings a new element of class to laundry and clothing care, while making a positive impact on the world.

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FREY formulations are created to treat your clothing better, lengthening its lifespan and helping to retain its natural color and feel.

We utilize natural, more readily-biodegradable ingredients because we know that you care about the products you choose.

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Boasting a completely natural scent inspired by the top men’s fragrances and boasting over a dozen individual essential oils and fragrances, FREY will leave your garments clean with a subtle, distinct edge.

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For every order, someone in need is helped through our Wash for Wash program. So, feel great, knowing that your choices are helping to make a positive impact on the world around you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to change your outlook on laundry. Making the upgrade to FREY is risk-free. We are so confident in FREY, we offer a 100% guarantee. If you do not like our product better than your current detergent, send us an email, and we will refund you your full amount.

Easy to store, easy to dispense. 28 loads in a compact sleek 16 oz bottle.
A few simple pumps: no more of the hassle and mess that comes with standard laundry detergent caps.

28 loads in a compact, sleek 16oz bottle.

6 pumps = 1 medium-sized wash
7 pumps = 1 large wash
8 pumps = 1 extra-large wash

The perfect addition to The Detergent, just toss in a few dryer sheets with each load to reduce static, soften your clothing, and adjust the scent strength in your clean clothing.

The Detergent utilizes a proprietary mix of enzymes and surfactants formulated to be gentle on your clothing, yet tough on stains and odors. It does not contain the harsh chemicals, bleaches, and bleach-like substances found in many laundry detergents that damage the garment’s color and fibers.

So, rest easy, knowing you’re treating your garments with the respect they deserve.

The enzymes and surfactants in The Detergent are designed to be safer for the environment. They include >70% natural content, and are more readily biodegradable.

And, as always, 10% of all net profits go to charity.

So, rest easy, knowing you’re making a positive impact on the world.