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The Heart and Soul of Clothing Care:
Laundry Detergent
(The Clueless Adult’s Guide to Cleaner Clothes)

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There are a number of laundry detergent brands available on the market today, and each and every one of them are constantly coming up with creative formulations to keep your clothes and delicates smelling fresher than daisies.

But in the competitive world of clothing care (where one company offers the same line of products as the other), how in the world are you going to decide which product to buy?!

To help you with this, we’re going to go over how detergents work, the different types of detergent formulations, their economical impact, and their impact on your clothes and the environment.

After all, you might as well defend mother nature while you’re at it, right?

Think back to AP Chem, when your lab teacher had you guys make soap.

Each and every ingredient added to your beaker had a specific purpose, which contributed to the cleaning action of the end product.

Similarly, the dynamics of how detergent cleans your garments lies in its individual components.

Many consider detergent to be the heart and soul of clothing care.

The modern day detergent is a complex combination of surfactant, water enhancers, and other additive ingredients.

These individual components come together collectively to carry out one of the most tedious tasks in the field of clothing care: cleaning garments.

Do you enjoy rolling around in the grass?

Have you recently been on the losing end of a tug-of-war?

If you like to get your hands (and clothes) dirty, then powder detergents are for you!

Ever gotten oil or grease stains on your favorite shirt from eating oily food?
Lucky for you, liquid detergents specialize in removing these type of stains! Trapped dirt is released from the fibers in your clothes when they are penetrated by the active components in liquid detergent.

Detergents in liquid form have been favored by consumers for their ease of use. Since this formulation readily dissolves in water, you won’t have to worry about leftover traces of detergent in your clothing. They are also a great option for those looking to save on electricity bills, since the formulation easily dissolves in cold water.

Moreover, liquid detergents have been found to be a useful tool for the pretreatment of stains.

If you are one of the many people who do their laundry in laundromats, or simply someone who prioritizes convenience, then detergent pacs and pods are for you! These water soluble packets containing detergent are the most portable of the three types of detergent (you can fit a whole bunch of them in your pocket).

  • The most popular laundry detergent

    Liquid detergents are the most popular among consumers because they are easy and convenient to use.

  • The detergent with the longest shelf-life

    The long shelf-life award goes to pod detergents (15 months according to Tide).

  • Expiration dates

    Laundry detergents do not actually expire, they break down over time ―enter: the best before date.

    • After opening liquid or powder detergent, you have:
      • 6 months months before it starts to break down.
      • 9 months if the product is unopened.

  • Pricing isn't everything

    You can buy quality products for a fraction of the price, but in most cases, you get what you pay for.

That's a Wrap!

So, you now have enough knowledge about detergent to be a Clothing Care Guru.

Will you go traditional and stick to powder detergent?

Or will you opt for convenience and go with liquid or laundry pac detergents?

Well in essence, it all boils down to what suits you and your lifestyle.

It also never hurts to consider the environmental impact of the product.

If you’ve got anything to add or any topics you want to read about, drop us a line at

In the meantime… let’s try and keep the Earth as clean as our laundry!

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