How to Iron Quickly and Efficiently in Ten Steps

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How to Iron Quickly and Efficiently in 10 Steps

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Ironing is one of the oldest tricks in the men’s fashion and clothing care bible.
This article will cover

Are you too busy working out the wrinkles in your life?

Or busy enough that you don’t have time to iron your clothes?

In today’s world, to say that appearances mean nothing would be bordering on lying.

Behind every successful person is a lucky suit or a lucky dress shirt, or (dare we say) lucky underwear, which has helped launch them into success.

Have you noticed the threads on the business moguls you read about in Forbes, or seen what the daily news anchor was wearing on TV last night?

While these folks command a lot of attention on their own, their personal style and clothing play an important part in garnering that kind of attention.

An assistant professor from Yale proved this in a study he co-wrote, which demonstrated the correlation between clothes and their effect on people. This study found that the subjects wearing upper-class garments (in the form of business suits) exuded dominance and kept the perceiver on their toes. This is backed up by another study which concluded that wearing formal clothing gave the subjects of the study a feeling of empowerment, resulting in enhanced cognitive function and increased productivity.

So, to state the facts that we all probably know intuitively, dressing well doesn’t just affect our internal confidence levels. In addition to making us feel great, it also affects how other people perceive us.

If you feel like dressing for success but have limited time on your hands, let the following paragraphs guide you on your journey to becoming wrinkle-free in no time.

Clothing Care Basics
(the things you'll need)


This goes without saying. While the most basic of irons will set you back a little under $20.00, you’d be saving a ton of money pressing your clothes by yourself, versus if you have a professional do it for you. Not to mention you’d be nailing a life skill and you’ll probably have one proud momma.

Ironing board

This very underappreciated piece of ingenuity makes your life easier, way more than you know. While ironing on any flat surface will do in most instances, the edges of the ironing board are designed to make ironing certain parts of clothing easier. The narrow pointed end of the ironing board was historically used for ironing skirts and dresses. Although it also works for pressing the narrower parts of clothing (such as shoulders and sleeves), most people do their ironing on the square end. This is the more functional side and is used to iron just about anything.

Spray bottle

A spray bottle filled with water can do wonders for your clothing. The water in the spray bottle essentially helps soften up your clothes. So what is the bigger picture? Water, in combination with the heat from the iron, causes more steam formation leading to a wrinkle-free garment. Let that sink in while you go grab that spray bottle (if you don’t already have the steam function on your iron).

10 Steps to Iron Quickly and Efficiently

  • Position the board

    Important Note: Your dominant hand should be on the side where the square end of the board is. In other words: The square end on goes on the right for right handed folks, and on the left for the lefties.

  • Gather the necessary materials

    The iron and the spray bottle filled with water.

  • Plug the iron in

    Don’t forget to empty out the old water in the iron, and refill it with new water (if applicable).

  • Turn on the iron, set it to the appropriate heat

    Always refer to your shirt for precise clothing care instructions, but here’s a small guide

    • High heat: Cotton, Linen
    • Medium heat: Wool, Cashmere, Flannel, Silk
    • Low-Medium: Polyester
    • Low: Nylon, Acetate, Acrylic

  • Place the shirt on the board

    Place your shirt on the board and spray some water on it.

  • Pop the collar

    Starting from the inside, sweep back and forth from one side of the collar to the other, applying the appropriate amount of pressure as you go. Repeat on the other side.

  • Work the cuffs

    Unbutton the cuffs (all the way to the gauntlet). On the inside of the cuff, start from the middle, and work your way out. Iron around the buttons! Repeat this on the other cuff.

  • Smooth out the front

    On the square end of the ironing board, lay the front side of your dress shirt. Starting from the top part of the shirt, work your down, applying pressure as you go (emphasizing on the plackets). Again, iron around the buttons -they could leave a mark if you iron over them.

  • Smooth out the back

    When ironing the back of the shirt, be sure to have the shirt open (back side up). Work through the back of the shirt by applying light pressure in quick, sweeping motions from the top to the bottom.

  • Wrap it up! Do the sleeves

    Iron the sleeves by laying them flat on the board and doing them one side at a time. Apply moderate pressure from the shoulder to the cuff of the sleeve, and repeat on the other side of the sleeve.

  • Pro-tip: You can pull the shirt out of the dryer (half dry) and start ironing it for easier ironing (no need to wet down the shirt with the spray bottle).
  • When ironing the collar, folding it at the seam allows it to sit and accommodate your tie much better.
  • Be sure the fabric is nicely aligned and smooth on both sides of the sleeve before the iron touches it (otherwise wrinkle formation is likely to occur from the overlapping fabrics).
  • No matter how short on time you are, don’t go pedal to the metal on the heat. Some fabrics are more delicate than others and will burn with the wrong heat settings.

If you're really pressed for time....

You might want to invest in Wrinkle Releasers.

This clothing care product is known for its ease of use, and is perfect for people on the go.

Wrinkle releasers have been known to be pretty effective against lightly and moderately wrinkled clothes.

If you don’t have time to iron (and if you haven’t been wrestling with anyone in your dress shirts), this is a pretty solid investment.

To wrap things up...

Life comes with all kinds of wrinkles –but they shouldn’t be added to or reflected by your clothes.

After all, you can’t undo first impressions.

Until next time dear reader, keep your clothes and your life free from wrinkles!

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