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"So. F'ing. Good."

" I have to say -- in 100% honesty -- all i want to do right now is roll around in my laundry. It smells So. F'ing. GOOD!

"70% Less- It's Amazing"

"You'll use 70% less detergent compared to other brands! Not only will you save on detergent usage but your clothes will smell sooo great. Its what you imagine a quaint vacation at Chuck Norris's cabin would smell like.

Kirk B
"Nomad Wizard Lumberjack"

If a nomad lumberjack wizard rescued you from a logging accident in an enchanted oak forest - that's the smell of Frey.... I don't think I'll use another detergent ever again.

Jake S
"Feel Better About Being Single"

""Smells like the boyfriend you wish you had, you know, the one who built a log cabin by hand and would defend you during a bear attack. The one who will take care of your car maintenance without you asking, yet enjoys wine tasting and will occasionally sing your favorite, lame karaoke duet (after a few whiskey and sodas, of course). This man does not exist, so spray Frey all over your sheets instead and go to bed feeling better about being single."

Jami D (Imaginary Boyfriend Visionary)
"Best Purchase I've Made in Months"

"I’ve been using this laundry detergent since July. I just bought my second round. I do laundry usually around once a week. I can’t explain to you how good this scent is when my clothes come out of the dryer. It’s woodsy scent is super calming and makes me feel clean, refined and slightly elegant when I put my clothes on. I quit wearing scented deodorants and stopped wearing colognes. The scent is not overpowering but when that special someone gets close, they always pick up on it. If you’re on the fence about this, do it, you won’t regret it. I’m so excited about it that I bought the sprays as well 🙂 "

Gordon F
"Great for Sensitive Skin"

"I’m not big on scented laundry detergent because most brands I buy in the store wreak havoc on my sensitive skin. It’s difficult to find detergent that I’m not allergic to but I thought I’d give this a try. I’m glad I did because not only does it smell great (not all flowery like most scents) but I have had no issues at all with an allergic reaction. The scent also lasts a long time and I get a lot of compliments about the scent. Thanks Frey. I found my go-to laundry detergent! "

Dalyn C

"Hooked I did not intend to fall so deeply in love with Frey. My first purchase came from a "this sounds good for the environment so let me give it a try" desire to feel righteous. Little did I know. Beware! You will find yourself unfulfilled by any other laundry detergents. You will try to use up all your Tide Pods but will end up REWASHING everything using Frey. It's insidious, the need to put on your Frey-cleaned clothing and walk down the street hoping someone will hug you and therefore have a lovely delicate Frey moment. (Oh, and by the way, it IS good for the environment as well.)"

Cary S
"Bohemian Rhapsody"

"We went to see Bohemian Rhapsody last weekend. After the movie I stopped in to use the facilities. There was a line. The woman behind me said, "Can I ask what fragrance you are wearing? It is amazing!" I laughed and let her know it was my laundry soap. The lady behind her sniffed my clothes. You have more fans in Kansas."

Dalyn C
"Talking to My Laundry"

"I don't usually comment on products but then, I don't usually talk to my laundry. However, after first using FREY, I put on a freshly laundered shirt and found myself saying "God I smell good!" We're now hooked on the product. It's great!

Jacob A
"Loving my laundry detergent (who says that)"

"I have never been in love with a laundry detergent... But there is always a first. I'm having people smell my shirts, walk into my closet and just take a smell in. It is something I feel so great about that I feel like a public spokesman out here in lil ole Boise, Idaho"

Kirkland R
"Solves Insomnia"

"I work night shifts, so I have a love/hate relationship with my bed. I have had insomnia for years. I bought FREY literally because of the "nomad wizard" customer review. It is beyond all that. I absolutely love this. My bed smells amazing, and I have had the best sleep I have had in years. Absolutely hooked

Sam S
"Nothing to Lose, Only to Win"

Great product and customer service is absolutely phenomenal. Best in the business. Had an issue with an order and they personally sent it from their office with free 2 day shipping. You cannot beat that. Responded to all emails very quickly and also they treated my very very well. These emails were not just a form type email that they send for anyone having a problem, it was personal. Don't hesitate with the product because I always get complimented by the ladies and superior customer service, you have nothing to lose

Joseph T
"From a Lady Frey"

I am a lady. It’s true. And yet I love Frey. Long have I searched for a way to clean my lady garments with something other than pink plastic overpowering flowers. And now, I too can roam the world, leaving behind not a perky posey scent, but the wafting aroma of a wood nymph, a moss maiden, a taiga chieftess. Someone get me my crossbow.

Lindsay R
"Is it TOO Good?"

I can't stop inhaling this stuff. It smells SO good. I ordered the detergent, dryer sheets, and nomad freshener, did one load of laundry and immediately ordered more dryer sheets and two big bottles of the freshener. I can't stop. I've lost productivity because I spend hours with my head in the dryer just trying to soak it all in. I've been looking for a product like this for years. I'm tossing out all my overpriced cologne because who needs it? This stuff is amazing.

Loren L
"Don't Hesitate"

Amazing. Went with the starter super skeptical of what I was going to get and not did it slap me in the face. Just opening up the box, the fragrance was overwhelming. It smelled so great, your frangrance is optional! I get a lot of complements and definitely will be back for more! Don’t hesitate, get this!

Jaime L
"No Allergies, Best Ever"

Love the scent. On top of that it is the first time in years that I have been able to use scented laundry detergent, or use dryer sheets at all. I am allergic to every name brand scented detergent but Frey is seriously natural and hypoallergenic.

Edward C

I did not intend to fall so deeply in love with Frey. My first purchase came from a "this sounds good for the environment so let me give it a try" desire to feel righteous. Little did I know. Beware! You will find yourself unfulfilled by any other laundry detergents. You will try to use up all your Tide Pods but will end up REWASHING everything using Frey. It's insidious, the need to put on your Frey-cleaned clothing and walk down the street hoping someone will hug you and therefore have a lovely delicate Frey moment. (Oh, and by the way, it IS good for the environment as well.)

Cary S

"They Make Everything Softer"

The softness effect of these dryer sheets is remarkable. The smell is great. My wife begins every day by sniffing her bathrobe. I told her about the lumberjack analogy and she says, "Yeah, that's it."

Edward G
"Born Again"

My clothes, my sheets, my room have all been born again, Frey Is just amazing. Smells like Morgan Freeman’s voice was hand stitched into each fabric after using the Frey detergent and nomad freshener! My girlfriend goes crazy for this stuff! Literally! I discovered this product after looking for something safe, clean but still retained a scent of masculinity. Safe to say this is what I will be using from now on.

Ian P
"All This from a Facebook Ad?"

So I bought this off a Facebook ad. Rarely does a good story begin with that line, but this one did—like it really did! I've always used non-toxic detergents, but I've never found one that imbued my clothes with any scent (good, bad, or otherwise). This stuff is everything it's advertised to be: environmentally friendly, powerful stain remover, smells like a gentle summer breeze on a hillside in heaven. My wife even liked the scent on her clothes. We're hooked

Blake D
"Product I didn't know I needed"

I love FREY detergent. Not only is it convenient to order, but as a single guy, it provides an amazing scent to my clothes that I've actually had other people pick up on. I didn't really mind the floral/nature/delicate scents of every day detergents, but once you start washing with more masculine scents, you'll notice a difference and so will those around you. On a personal note, wait until your belle wears one of your shirts and smells it and tells you how much she loves it

Stratton P
"Better Than an Understanding Boyfriend"

Imagine if someone mixed the smell of an understanding boyfriend, alpine lakes, and a burning fireplace into a bottle of laundry detergent. That's the smell of FREY.

Ally B
"I won't even think about other products"

No amount of advertising could make me use another brand. They’re the best, and they take it seriously. Every one of their products is exceptional: detergent, conditioner, stain remover, air freshener... all brilliantly inspired.

Benjamin S
"My girlfriend won’t stop wearing my clothes "

"Frey makes it so your clothes will disappear. It’s awful. My girlfriend keeps stealing my clothing so she can lay around in them and always have the smell of me around because “I’ve never smelt this good before”. Now I need more clothes. Thanks a lot Frey... "


Washing my towels and bedspread in this is heaven! Love being surrounded by this scent, ya'll killed it!

Tom D
"A Purchase You Will Never Regret"

"From my shirts and pants to my sheets at night I am surrounded by pure calming magic by the scent of Frey. I can close my eyes for a moment, breathe and I am taken to a tranquil forest and de-stress. I purchased the complete package of the laundry detergent, conditioner and dryer sheets. My clothes come out clean, soft and smell amazing. I am definitely sold on Frey."

David P
"Like a man with an 815 credit score"

Ok guys, I was SO skeptical at first, like how you can you put the perfect man in a bottle, right? Well, I'm a product junkie so I ordered this about 2 weeks ago. It arrived today and it smells SOOOOOO good. It smells like a man with an 815 credit score, a master's degree, and cooks for you hahah. It's a universal freshener, you can use it on laundry, in your car, as cologne, etc. Well anyway, so far, this 'man' in a bottle has taken out the trash, washed my car, put up more Christmas decorations, and told me I look great this morning with no makeup on!!! I will be buying this again!!!

Jas S
"Best Smelling Thing Ever!"

I love products that are better for the environment, better for me, not to mention help others in need! This concentrate has the most intoxicating smell ever that lasts fooooorever. I washed clothes over a week ago in Frey for the first time, put on a pair of pants for the first time today, kept smelling their luscious scent, and was like, "I haven't washed these shirts in Frey yet, where the hell is this smell coming from!?" until I remembered that the pants I was wearing had been washed in Frey over a week ago, AND were wafting their wonderful, woodsy smell up to my nose from my legs!!! For me, its the best smelling thing ever, and I want a shower gel AND cologne in the scent!!

"Best Sleep Ever"

I bought 2 more bottles of Frey laundry detergent today. This is definitely NOT just for men! The scent is amazing; my husband and I both appreciate it. I just bought some new sheets and laundered them first with Frey! I slept like a little lamb last night ( I never sleep like that!!!). I have told everyone I know about this amazing product! Keep up the great work; just put it in a bigger bottle and make scented soy candles !!!

Kate M
"Postponing crazy cat lady starter kit"

"38 yo single gal here. Frey popped up in my IG feed. I thought, this stuff can't really smell like all of my masculine hopes & dreams in a bottle. No my friends, it smells BETTER... like a stable career, consistent communication, sophistication, refreshing honesty, a dash of vulnerability, a closet full of more than just 90s band logo t-shirts & camo cargo shorts, and an appetite for more than just chicken fingers & pizza. I'll be postponing canceling my crazy cat lady starter kit, thanks Frey!"

Suzanne M
"Reminds Me of My Husband"

"I'm in love!! Best smelling laundry detergent ,softener, dryer sheets ever! When I opened the package when it arrived the smell just melted me away, it smelled like my husband's cologne that I hadn't smelled in years because he has passed away. When I sleep at night laying on my freshly washed sheets oh so many beautiful memories float through my mind while smelling "Frey"! :

Myrna D
"Laundry Day = Better than a trip to Hogwarts"

Picture John Wayne swinging himself down off of his horse after a blazing shoot-out, James Bond stepping out of his Aston Martin ready to save the world and Matthew McConaughey ready to let you know that it’s “alright, alright alright”. That’s what using Frey detergent is like. It’s rugged and tough, polished and sophisticated and has a down home charm that makes laundry day the best day! You’ll never be happier than when you spy that hamper full of dirty clothes and get to use your Frey magic to make them soft, clean and smelling like you just stepped out of the most bad ass, save the world and get the girl action movie there is.

Robert P
"I NEVER buy off Facebook, but....

As someone who never buys anything off of FB, I will admit this had me very curious. I finally gave in and ordered FREY did NOT disappoint! It smells absolutely amazing and cleans so well.

Kerri L
"Saved My Marriage"

After 28yrs, life becomes routine. He makes the coffee and I make breakfast. We grab lunch, a peck on the cheek & we're off to work. At least that's how it used to be. Then we found FREY. Now, we go to bed a earlier & get up later. On the weekends, we don't bother getting out of bed at all. Sure we've alienated all of our friends and family but we've found each other again. It's like being wrapped in young love, natures viagra, the fountain of youth, old memories made new. They call it laundry care. I call it love potion.

Teresa M
"I'm not super creative. I just love this."

"So I can’t get as creative or dramatic as some the reviews have been, but honestly, it’s fabulous. I cook for a living, and it gets most the kitchen smells (fish, onions, and sweat; what an alluring combination) out of my work clothes. It’s also helping them stay in good repair. You should be marketing this stuff directly to the food industry. A chef/cook’s day off is spent doing really stinky laundry, and this gets most of it out. I add a few teaspoons of baking soda to the load, and it only boosts that scent. Thank you again!"

Donald H
"Don't Smell Like a Clone"

Frey truly is amazing. The smell is so unique and lasts quite a while. I had the idea years ago for someone to make dryer sheets with your fav cologne; Frey did that and then some! Most people smell like Tide or Downy. Those are pleasant, but very tired. I like smelling different and bold. Thanks, Frey

David D
"I Have No Reason to Wear Cologne Ever Again"

Everywhere I go, my friends and colleagues wives and girlfriends are talking about how nice I smell.. then their friends break the ice uttering, 'sorry, but I’ve heard you smell like Pangean forests,' as they sniff around my shoulders. I have no reason to wear cologne ever again."

Jerry P
"GQ + Liam Neeson"

Smells like a GQ magazine decided to partner with Liam Neeson after they kidnapped his daughter to make him smell like Randy Savage was coming to kick their ass. So it smells awesome.

Ryan S
"Just the impression I was looking for"

I love the scent of this detergent and I won't buy anything else and even though I purchased an additional 2 bottles I'm still using the same first 2 bottles I bought at the beginning of summer of 2017.

Todd D
"Sold for Life"

Stoked to have found the products and people at Frey. Received my first shipment and was impressed. I had a few questions, so I sent an email. Not only did they respond quickly but it was an actual human who took the time to read my email and respond, rather than your standard generic corporate reply. Great work Oliver! These guys are great, and so is their product. As the title states, I’m sold for life

Kyle W
"Bond + Clooney"

If James Bond/ George Clooney were a fragrance this is what it would smell like. I purchased it for my husband and teenage son, I use it on all their clothes, coats, shoes and in their closets. I'm more obsessed then they are. While it is fragrant it is not at all overpowering. I just love this product, and will purchase as gifts for my older son and son-in laws as well

Rosa P