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…of our customers like FREY’s fragrance over their old detergent.


….of our customers are more excited to do laundry. Now that’s saying something.

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…of our customers like their personal scent better when using FREY

“I’ll Never Use Another Detergent Ever Again”

If a nomad, wizard lumberjack rescued you from a logging accident in an enchanted forest, that’s the smell of FREY. I’ll never use another detergent ever again
– Anonymous

“They Make Everything Softer”

The softness effect of these dryer sheets is remarkable. The smell is great. My wife begins every day by sniffing her bathrobe. I told her about the lumberjack analogy and she says, “Yeah, that’s it.”
– Edward C


Great product and customer service is absolutely phenomenal. Best in the business. Had an issue with an order and they personally sent it from their office with free 2 day shipping. You cannot beat that. Responded to all emails very quickly and also they treated my very very well. These emails were not just a form type email that they send for anyone having a problem, it was personal. Don't hesitate with the product because I always get complimented by the ladies and superior customer service, you have nothing to lose

Joseph T
"Bond + Clooney"

If James Bond/ George Clooney were a fragrance this is what it would smell like. I purchased it for my husband and teenage son, I use it on all their clothes, coats, shoes and in their closets. I'm more obsessed then they are. While it is fragrant it is not at all overpowering. I just love this product, and will purchase as gifts for my older son and son-in laws as well

Rosa P
"All This from a Facebook Ad?"

So I bought this off a Facebook ad. Rarely does a good story begin with that line, but this one did—like it really did! I've always used non-toxic detergents, but I've never found one that imbued my clothes with any scent (good, bad, or otherwise). This stuff is everything it's advertised to be: environmentally friendly, powerful stain remover, smells like a gentle summer breeze on a hillside in heaven. My wife even liked the scent on her clothes. We're hooked

Blake D
"Don't Smell Like a Clone"

Frey truly is amazing. The smell is so unique and lasts quite a while. I had the idea years ago for someone to make dryer sheets with your fav cologne; Frey did that and then some! Most people smell like Tide or Downy. Those are pleasant, but very tired. I like smelling different and bold. Thanks, Frey

David D
"GQ + Liam Neeson"

Smells like a GQ magazine decided to partner with Liam Neeson after they kidnapped his daughter to make him smell like Randy Savage was coming to kick their ass. So it smells awesome.

Ryan S
"Just the impression I was looking for"

I love the scent of this detergent and I won't buy anything else and even though I purchased an additional 2 bottles I'm still using the same first 2 bottles I bought at the beginning of summer of 2017.

Todd D
"Product I didn't know I needed"

I love FREY detergent. Not only is it convenient to order, but as a single guy, it provides an amazing scent to my clothes that I've actually had other people pick up on. I didn't really mind the floral/nature/delicate scents of every day detergents, but once you start washing with more masculine scents, you'll notice a difference and so will those around you. On a personal note, wait until your belle wears one of your shirts and smells it and tells you how much she loves it

Stratton P
"Sold for Life"

Stoked to have found the products and people at Frey. Received my first shipment and was impressed. I had a few questions, so I sent an email. Not only did they respond quickly but it was an actual human who took the time to read my email and respond, rather than your standard generic corporate reply. Great work Oliver! These guys are great, and so is their product. As the title states, I’m sold for life

Kyle W
Experience FREY
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