How Fragrance Influences Attraction (and How Other People Think of You)

In General by Emi Ladrillono

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How Fragrance Influences Attraction
(and How Other People Think of You)

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Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance — a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a man and a woman’s personality. Without it, there is something missing.”Gianni Versace

The Short Version

True enough, fragrances are a lavish treat for the senses.

Moreover, these sensational creations in liquid form have been found to reduce stress as well as increase levels of confidence and attraction.

Find out more about how fragrances influence attraction and perception in this article.

A Deeper Look at Fragrances

It’s time to bust out your thinking cap!

Today we’re going to try to understand the mystery behind:

why we are attracted to people who smell good.

In another article, we discussed how fragrances make an impact in our daily lives.

Science has proven time and again that they do in fact influence our emotions, that they play a role in our memories, and that they have a hand in influencing how attractive we are to other people.

Our bodies produce a substance called pheromones, which are chemical signals we release in the environment through bodily fluids. Although pheromones are found in urine, breast milk, semen, and vaginal secretions, (possibly saliva and breath as well), they are more readily available for your partner’s sniffing pleasure in your sweat.

Now brace yourself, this next one’s a mouthful.


are the four main pheromones found in humans.

A study demonstrating pheromones and their effect on women’s moods and sexuality confirmed that androstadienone (considered a precursor for the more odorous pheromones) is detected by women. This pheromone was found to improve not only their mood and focus, but it also facilitated their sexual response.

Not convinced?

The Social Issues Research Centre reported that these pheromones are not created equal.

Androstenol is the pheromone emitted in freshly produced sweat. This is the pheromone that draws anyone within whiffing distance to you.

Once your sweat has set in and mixed with oxygen, you’ve got yourself a fresh batch of Androstenone -the pheromone that drives away the would-be interested parties.

Unfortunately, the latter is the more prominent between the two pheromones when it comes to the composition of male body odor…

Don’t you worry, we (and science) have got your back!

Studies like this have pointed out that we choose fragrances that mix well with our body chemistry to create our own customized eau de parfum.

The use of pleasant smelling fragrances have been found to improve mood, reduce stress, give off a sense of personal well-being, and pretty much take your confidence to a whole other level.

Observations of improved mood, increased confidence, and increased attractiveness have been attributed to smelling good. This observation is seen equally in men and women, with women being more responsive to attractive smelling males.

Play up your natural scent and smell sensational by following these pointers on how to smell sexy.

Fragrance Hidden in Plain Sight

Did you know that your clothes absorb fragrances better than your skin does?

How about you try ditching the cologne, and try wearing your fragrance on your sleeve (literally) for a longer lasting smell!

Play up the all natural scent by making your clothes smell like a fresh forest on a fine summer day with this line of clothing care products, infused with the finest essential oils and fragrances.

Smell good, feel good.

It is important to remember how smelling good can influence your life, and the way others see you.

When you look at it, fragrances are more than just expensive liquids and oils. They are relaxation, confidence, and (on some level) sex appeal in a bottle.

They leave your signature in the air when you walk by, and bring you to mind when people smell your scent.

Be sure to leave your mark, and choose the right scent which mixes best with your body chemistry.

It’s more than just smelling good, it’s about feeling good too.

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