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The Detergent Sample Bundle
The Detergent Sample Bundle  × 1 $0.01 / month
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Nomad Wizard Lumberjack

If a nomad lumberjack wizard rescued you from a logging accident in an enchanted oak forest – that’s the smell of Frey…. I don’t think I’ll use another detergent ever again.


Best Sleep Ever

I bought 2 more bottles of Frey laundry detergent today. This is definitely NOT just for men! The scent is amazing; my husband and I both appreciate it. I just bought some new sheets and laundered them first with Frey! I slept like a little lamb last night ( I never sleep like that!!!). I have told everyone I know about this amazing product! Keep up the great work; just put it in a bigger bottle and make scented soy candles !!!


Talking to My Laundry

I don’t usually comment on products but then, I don’t usually talk to my laundry. However, after first using FREY, I put on a freshly laundered shirt and found myself saying “God I smell good!” We’re now hooked on the product. It’s great!


Don't Smell Like a Clone

Frey truly is amazing. The smell is so unique and lasts quite a while. I had the idea years ago for someone to make dryer sheets with your fav cologne; Frey did that and then some! Most people smell like Tide or Downy. Those are pleasant, but very tired. I like smelling different and bold. Thanks, Frey