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Exceptional clothing care products meticulously designed to smell better, treat your clothing better, and generally be better: for you, for others, for the planet.
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Better Scent

97 out of 100 customers prefer the FREY fragrance to their old detergent

Better Formulation

No harsh chemicals, with a blend that's better for you and better for your clothing.

Better for the World

Safer for the environment, and a portion of all proceeds donated to those in need.

A Fragrance You'll Love, Guaranteed

Try FREY risk free.
If you don't like FREY better than your current detergent, we will refund you 100%, no questions asked.
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A Wash Above the Rest

Unlike anything else you've experienced. Inspired by the top fragrances from around the world, blended with essential oils, and comprised of over a dozen individual scents.

Every order helps plant a tree.

Through our commitment to 1% for the planet, a portion of every order is donated to plant a tree.

Every order helps plant a tree.

Through our commitment to 1% for the planet, a portion of every order is donated to plant a tree.

People Love Us

...Of our customers are more excited to do laundry. Now that's saying something.

....Of our customers like FREY’s fragrance over their old detergent.

...Of our customers are more confident about their personal scent when using FREY

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What People Are Saying

Our Customers

  • I’ll Never Use Another Detergent

    “If a nomad, wizard lumberjack rescued you from a logging accident in an enchanted forest, that’s the smell of FREY. I’ll never use another detergent ever again”

    – Jacob T

  • GQ + Liam Neeson

    “Smells like a GQ magazine decided to partner with Liam Neeson after they kidnapped his daughter to make him smell like Randy Savage was coming for them. So it smells awesome.”

    – Ryan S

  • Magical

    “Great product and customer service is absolutely phenomenal. Best in the business. Had an issue with an order and they personally sent it from their office with free 2 day shipping. You cannot beat that. Responded to all emails very quickly and also they treated my very very well. These emails were not just a form type email that they send for anyone having a problem, it was personal. Don’t hesitate with the product because I always get complimented by the ladies and superior customer service, you have nothing to lose”

    – Joseph T

  • Just the impression I was looking for

    “I love the scent of this detergent and I won’t buy anything else and even though I purchased an additional 2 bottles I’m still using the same first 2 bottles I bought at the beginning of summer of 2017.”

    – Todd D

  • Product I didn’t know I needed

    “I love FREY detergent. Not only is it convenient to order, but as a single guy, it provides an amazing scent to my clothes that I’ve actually had other people pick up on. I didn’t really mind the floral/nature/delicate scents of every day detergents, but once you start washing with more masculine scents, you’ll notice a difference and so will those around you. On a personal note, wait until your belle wears one of your shirts and smells it and tells you how much she loves it”

    – Stratton P

The Pros

  • GQ Insider

    “From my favorite shirts to my sweatiest athletic wear, FREY cleans and smells unlike anything else. It’s top notch, period.”

    – Zack C

  • SprezzaBox

    “FREY is bringing a sense of male fashion into a realm that hasn’t yet seen in it- from the bottle design to the scent to the subscription service.”

    – Philip S, CEO

  • Kennedy

    “The next step in the growth in men paying closer attention to their clothing and scent.”

    – Michael A, CEO

  • Soapbox Soaps

    “The entire FREY product line is a game-changer, there’s nothing like it.”

    – David Simnick, CEO

  • Blank Label

    “I’d encourage any of our clients to switch to FREY, I wish it had been around years ago.”

    – Paige C, Head of Operations


    “We ran FREY through a full test with SKINS. Not only did FREY clean extremely well but smelled incredible, and paired perfectly with our compression/activewear.”

    – Anthony L, VP of Marketing

  • Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer

    “FREY is doing something completely different in the clothing care space”

    – Jesse C