5 Must-Have’s on Your Next World Travel: Be Fashionably Ready for the World

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5 Must-Haves On Your Next World Travel:
Be Fashionably Ready to Take On the World

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The journey, not the arrival matters”T.S. Eliot

Travel is one of the greatest sources of wealth.

It broadens your mind, enriches your spirit, and opens your eyes to the unfamiliar.

It doesn’t matter if you’re adventuring off to New Zealand, South Africa, or Paris. We know getting organized to travel internationally can be stressful.

It’s become quite evident that bringing the right gear with you can make or break your trip.

We’re here to help take some of that stress away.

You’re not going to want to board another international flight without these items in your bag to help you stay organized, clean, and looking good.

This is 100% a must have.

Make sure you pick one that’s light so it won’t weigh you down, stylish so you look great, and includes a stuff sack so you can compress it down in your bag to save room.

We can’t recommend the Cotopaxi Fuego Down Jacket enough.

It hit’s on all cylinders when it comes to travel essentials.

Best of all, when you compress it all the way down it serves as a nice travel pillow for those long haul international flights.

Forgetting to bring laundry essentials on your trip is as bad as forgetting your underwear. As travelers, we know to pack as little as possible which makes it necessary to wash clothes during the trip.The Travel Essentials Kit is your go to in this case; which includes a garment freshener, stain remover, and wrinkle releaser to keep your favorite clothes looking and smelling better for your entire journey.

Another travel protip you shouldn’t ignore – save time, money, and keep your garments in better condition by always hand washing your clothes.

Never ever leave the country without a backup copy of your passport. Simply photocopying or uploading an image to Dropbox before your trip can save you countless hours in the case your passport gets stolen or you lose it along the way. Some countries will even accept the passport copy in lieu of the original one.

Having a copy will significantly speed up the replacement process wherever you may be. Next level international travelers also know to leave a copy of their passport with family or a close friend back home in case you need them to mail it to you for emergency situations.

Ten years from now, you’ll want to be able to look back on your adventure to the beautiful beaches in Thailand and reminisce. If you don’t take epic videos and photos then did it really happen?

Now, while stills are awesome, live action is better. And we know a camera that kills those two metaphorical birds with the same stone.

GoPro has ballooned into one of the loudest and proudest travel camera brands in the world and you can pick up your own GoPro Hero for just $199. They’re easy to use, edit, and take high quality footage which makes it well worth the investment.

It all starts with your carry on bag. Packing less and more efficiently is the way to go on any adventure and if you can fit everything into your carry on luggage – you’re on the right track.

Away Travel has blossomed into one of the most exciting and innovative travel bag companies in the world. Their staple bag, The Carry-On is an outstanding purchase for any international traveler. The bag comes with a built in ejectable battery that can charge any phone up to 5x, A nylon laundry bag separates clean clothes from dirty if you even have dirty clothes, and a TSA approved lock. Don’t worry, the ejectable battery is compliant with all airline policies.

We’ve all been in the airport searching far and wide for a charger before our flight as our battery life closes in on 1%. This carry on bag mitigates all those fears.

Bon Voyage!

We hope you learned a few things from our list today.

The main takeaways are to make sure you’re purchasing travel gear that

  • is stylish
  • is light
  • keeps you safe and connected.

The gear you bring should help you stay comfortable as you explore more of the world.

Happy travels!

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