Laundry as you’ve never experienced it.

Premium clothing care products meticulously designed to smell better, treat your clothing better, and generally be better: for you, for others, for the planet.


Designed for You

FREY treats your clothing with the respect it deserves: Formulated to help lengthen its lifespan, and infused with a world-class scent composed of essential oils, you will never look at laundry the same.

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Our (And Your) Impact

We believe that superior products are not only great for the user, but great for the world.

Know that in choosing FREY, you are making a difference.

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  • Treat Your Clothing with Respect

    Created to help retain the natural color and feel of your favorite garments: A proprietary blend of gentle surfactants and enzymes enables a potent, yet gentle clean.

  • World-Class Scent

    Inspired by the top men’s fragrances from around the world and comprised of over a dozen individual essential oils and natural fragrances.

  • Safer for the Environment

    A blend of more readily biodegradable surfactants, enzymes, and natural ingredients, with concentrated formulas to minimize waste.

  • Help Someone in Need

    Through our Wash for Wash program, for every purchase, someone in need is helped as part of the 10% of profits we donate to charity.

  • Straight to Your Door

    Forget those last-minute trips to the store because you’re out of detergent… and clean socks.

What are the Pros saying about FREY?

  • “From my favorite shirts to my sweatiest athletic wear, FREY cleans and smells unlike anything else. It’s top notch, period.”

    Zack Cohen – GQ Insider

  • “FREY is bringing a sense of male fashion into a realm that hasn’t yet seen in it- from the bottle design to the scent to the subscription service.”

    Philip Sblendorio, Co-founder –

  • “The next step in the growth in men paying closer attention to their clothing and scent”.

    Michael Alahverdian, CEO – Wear Kennedy

  • “FREY is doing something completely different in the clothing care space”

    Jesse Chao – Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer

  • “The entire FREY product line is a game-changer, there’s nothing like it”

    David Simnick, CEO – Soapbox Soaps

  • “I’d encourage any of our clients to switch to FREY, I wish it had been around years ago”.

    Paige Connell, Head of Operations and Retail – Blank Label

  • “We ran FREY through a full test with SKINS. Not only did FREY clean extremely well but smelled incredible, and paired perfectly with our compression/activewear.”

    Anthony Leon, Sales and Marketing Manager – SKINS

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